We are an Engineering Company, since 1986, specializing in the design and manufacturing of hoses and special pieces in silicone.

Design and manufacturing of silicone hoses

  • We are experts in the creation of high quality elastomers, offering solutions for fluid flow where there are vibrations, system movement or a need for custom flexibility.
  • We are part of an international group with several branches strategically distributed in America, Europe and Asia.
  • We are working in the most demanding markets: food, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, military, nautical, aerospace and energy generation .



We believe in the integrity of our employees and that is the basis of our added value.

We are passionate, proactive and ambitious.

We strive to move towards the changing needs of the markets in which we work: investigating, training and investing in new technology.



We offer our customers customized products which cover their needs with the best quality and service possible.

We utilize:

  • Technical team: they are responsible for safeguarding the interests of our clients in designing the right product
  • Branches and logistic facilities on three continents
  • Distributors in almost every country worldwide

More than hoses!

Discover the 10 reasons that drive us to create something different every day:

  • 1OUR CUSTOMERS come first. They drive us everyday to be better and to offer effective solutions.
  • 2ANTICIPATING the needs of our customers is our goal. Foresee market changes to separate us from our competitors.
  • 3We are COMMITTED to work efficiently and effectively. Meeting deadlines is an obligation, not a possibility.
  • 4IMPROVE everyday is the only way that may enable us to offer products of the highest quality.
  • 5WE SUCCEED by working rigorously and committing ourselves to the fullest extent to provide the best solutions to our customers.
  • 6INVESTIGATING, training, investing in testing and obtaining certifications to provide, in each case, the best we can offer.
  • 7CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT, without looking back. Without thinking of everything we have achieved. Only taking steps forward.
  • 8LIVING BY EXAMPLE, respecting others, believing in everything we do and showing our admiration to those who, like us, have decided to overcome all obstacles every day.
  • 9PASSIONATE about what we do. Enjoying our work, the experience and to continue learning at every moment.
  • 10AT YOUR SERVICE. Assure the interests of those who rely on us. We work for you.