Vena® Technosil Platinum H-PTV

High purity flexible silicone hose
  • Vena® Technosil Platinum H-PTV
    Vena® Technosil Platinum H-PTV

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The silicone hose Vena® Technosil Platinum H-PTV is platinum-cured and manufactured by extrusion with fiber glass yarn braiding that provides a high resistance to pressure and temperature.


Specially recommended for the transport of liquid or semi-liquid fluids, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries, at high temperatures and under certain pressure.


This reference is manufactured by extrusion with fiber glass yarn braiding inside the tube. The silicone rubber compound is VMQ type (Vinyl-Methyl Quality).

It can be equipped with 316L stainless steel fittings on each end with a rugosity value of less than 0.8µm.


The inner layer is made of translucent silicone and the outer one with orange silicone.


Operational temperature range from -55ºC (-67ºF) to 220ºC (428ºF)


The standard manufacturing length is 10 meters (32.81ft), although it can be manufactured in any required length.

Diameters (in mm):


Diameters (in inch):



Although it has not been designed for this purpose, it can work under vacuum conditions.

Working and bursting pressure determinate with pressure tests according ISO 1402/2009.

Technical details

- Not recommended for transport of abrasive particles.

- Manufactured with silicone elastomers prepared in accordance with the 21 CFR 177.2600 FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards.


Odorless, tasteless and completely non-toxic.

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