Vena® TechniPUR-VAC

Polyurethane hose with copper or brass-plated steel wire suitable for suction of abrasive particles.
  • Vena® TechniPUR-VAC
    Vena® TechniPUR-VAC

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Transparent polyurethane air ducting generally acceptable for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials and aspiration of all types of abrasive particles.


Flexible ducting Vena® TechniPUR VAC is recommended for aspiration of all types of particles like sawdust, chips, granules or powder of all kinds, including cement.

These tubes are ideal for all types of machinery in the wood and paper industries.


Air duct constructed by overlapping sheets of polyurethane with a steel wire white PVC coated placed between the polyurethane layers.

Product 100% of polyurethane.

Steel inner wire white PVC coated, visible through the sheets and with a narrower step than in Vena® TechniPUR.


It can be ordered with copper wire parallel to the spiral wire for better discharge of static electricity.

On request, TechniPUR-S can also be supplied with food grade polyurethane.


Corrugated and transparent inside and outside, with white visible spiral.


Operating temperature range from -18°C (-0.4°F) to 80ºC (176ºF).

It can reach up to 100ºC (212ºF) for short periods of time.


The minimum manufacturing length is 5 meters (16.40ft) and the maximum is 25 meters (82.02ft)

Diameters (en mm):


Diameters (in inch)

1 37/64,1 49/64,1 31/32,2 11/64,2 23/64,2 9/16,2 3/4,2 61/64,3 5/32,3 11/32,3 35/64,3 47/64,3 15/16,4 9/64,4 21/64,4 17/32,4 23/32,4 59/64,5 1/8,5 5/16,5 33/64,5 45/64,5 29/32,6 7/64,6 19/64,6 1/2,6 11/16,6 57/64,7 3/32,7 9/32,7 31/64,7 43/64,7 7/8,8 5/64,8 17/64,8 15/32,8 21/32,8 55/64,9 1/16,9 1/4,9 29/64,9 41/64,9 27/32

Wall thickness

Hose with a wall thickness of 1.2mm (3/64'')

Technical details

- The ducting produced with this thermoplastic may suffer a slight swelling if used for transporting aromatic hydrocarbon gases, chlorine, hot water or steam.

- Insolubility of water, ether or alcohol.

- Step wire narrower than in Vena®TechniPUR type. Higher vacuum resistance.


- High abrasion resistant, polyurethane is ten times stronger than PVC.

- Resistance to aging and therefore durable and high flexibility.

- High stability against hydrolysis (decomposition of materials by water).

- Stability against oil, greases and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

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