Vena® S/VS

Made with an abrasion resistant rubber. Specially recommended to convey big abrasive particles.
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    Vena® S/VS

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Vena® S/VS is highly flexible, as well as it is highly resistant to hardening, pressure and vacuum.


Vena S/VS® flexible hoses are recommended for:

- Aspiration of abrasive materials from dumping.

- Grain and small stones recollection.

- Wooden industry for wood shaving conduction.

- Cleaning of industry floors.

- Conduction of abrasive particles like cement or sand.


This product is manufactured with an inner layer of natural rubber and it has been specially reinforced with coated cotton with Chloroprene (Neoprene) and a steel spiral enclosed between these two layers.


There is the possibility to manufacture the cuffs ends in inner and outer smooth appearance, a good alternative to get an easier hose installation.


Corrugated inner and outer appearance.

Inner and outer black color.


Operational temperature range from -40ºC (-40ºF) to +80ºC (+176ºF)


The standard manufacturing length is 4 meters (13,12ft), but in specific diameters a length of 6 meters (19,68ft) can be manufactured.


- High flexibility.

- Highly resistant to hardening with very good compression characteristics.

- Highly resistant to pressure and vacuum, due to its specially designed structure.

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