Vena® SIL/Glass

Silicone tubes with 3 polyester reinforcements and interior stainless steel spiral for pressurised air or water at high temperatures.
  • Vena® SIL/Glass
    Vena® SIL/Glass
    Vena® SIL/Glass
  • Vena® SIL/Glass
    Vena® SIL/Glass
    Vena® SIL/Glass
  • Vena® SIL/Glass
    Vena® SIL/Glass
    Vena® SIL/Glass

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Plain inner and outer appearance. Suitable for use in straight lengths, with no bending requirements.

It is possible to produce any special shaped hose (e.g. elbow, reducer, etc.) upon request.


VMQ type silicon tube with two layers of polyester fibre reinforcement and interior stainless steel spiral

Inside appearance: grooved, blue colour.

Thickness: 2.8mm (+1/-0.5mm) 


The operational temperature range is from -60ºC to 235ºC, although it may reach up to 250ºC during short periods of time.


Transport of high tempeature fluids in general industry where a certain degree of flexibility is required


Most common inside diameters (in mm.):

6-8-10-13-16-19-22-25-28-30-32-35-38-40-44-45-48-50-51-53-55-57-60- 62-63-65-70-75-76-80-82-90-100-110.

We manufacture tubes of 4 m long but it can be cut to smaller lenghts on request.

Technical characteristics

Recommended for places where a high resistance to pression is needed because it doesn´t spoil with age and his mechanical characteristics don´t change in its operational temperatures. Highly resistant to ozone

Not affected by anti-freeze or anti-rust liquids

Highly resistant to hardening with very good compression characteristics

The material of the tubes have a very long life and reduce maintenance problems.

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