Vena® Technipur-S

Tube made of two overlapping sheets of polyurethane with copper or brass-plated steel wire sandwiched between the two sheets
  • Vena® Technipur-S
    Vena® Technipur-S
    Vena® Technipur-S
  • Vena® Technipur-S
    Vena® Technipur-S
    Vena® Technipur-S
  • Vena® Technipur-S
    Vena® Technipur-S
    Vena® Technipur-S

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Vena® Technipur-S is suitable for suction of abrasive particles. The internal layer of wire is covered with white PVC. The thickness of the sheets is 0,8 mm.


The tube consists of two overlapping sheets of polyurethane with almost total overlapping of the two layers, providing a double wall throughout the hose to increase resistance to pressure and under pressure.

The internal layer of wire is covered with white PVC. Thickness of the sheets is 0,8 mm.


Temperature scale from -18ºC to 80ºC (for short spaces of ime, up to 100ºC).


Suitable for suction of abrasive particles of all types, such as: sandwust, chips, granular products, salt, sugar and powder of all types including cement.

The hoses can be ordered wtih wire fitted parallel to the spiral wire, to improve static electricity discharge. these hoses can also be used for foodstuff transporting, although this should be indicated when ordering so that the grade suitable for foodstuffs can be supplied.


We manufacture tubes with the following diameters: From 50mm to 500mm of inner diameter. We normally manufacture concrete diameters, but we can supply any diamater with only 1mm of difference.

These models are supplied with 5 or 10 m long (or multiples fo these lenghts) up to 30 m long.We don´t manuacture tubes shorter than 5m.

Between 50-200mm of diamater we supply the tubes compressed in a polyester netting so that we minimize the transport fees. Any diameter larger than 200mm. we supply them in big paper boxes.

Diameters (in mm):


Diameters (in inch)

1 37/64,1 49/64,1 31/32,2 11/64,2 23/64,2 9/16,2 3/4,2 61/64,3 5/32,3 11/32,3 35/64,3 47/64,3 15/16,4 9/64,4 21/64,4 17/32,4 23/32,4 59/64,5 1/8,5 5/16,5 33/64,5 45/64,5 29/32,6 7/64,6 19/64,6 1/2,6 11/16,6 57/64,7 3/32,7 9/32,7 31/64,7 43/64,7 7/8,8 5/64,8 17/64,8 15/32,8 21/32,8 55/64,9 1/16,9 1/4,9 29/64,9 41/64,9 27/32

Technical characteristics

Gas oil, grease and aliphatic hydrocarbon (petrol) stability. However, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorine can on occasions produce a slight swelling.

Non-soluble to alcohol, water and ether but less resistant to hot water and steam.

Polyurethane is TEN TIMES more resistant to abrasion than PVC.

Hydrolisis and industrial gas stability

Does not contain cadmium

Highly resistant to decay

High level, long-lasting flexibility.

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