Vena® Wyrem

Flexible hose recommended for the extraction of fumes, extraction and suction of particles, dust, gases and ventilation in general.
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    Vena® Wyrem

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Vena® Wyrem is an exceptionally robust and durable hose, which also has excellent flexibility. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to ozone and has good vacuum resistance, due to its designed structure.


Vena® WYREM® flexible hoses are recommended for air fume and particle extraction and suction, dust and exhaust gases, and ventilation a in general industries.


This hose is manufactured with double reinforced layers of Chloroprene (Neoprene) coated cotton and two spring steel helices. The inner helix is visible and the second one is trapped between the layers of cloth.


Corrugated inner and outer appearance. Inner and outer black colour.


Operational temperature range from -20ºC (-4ºF) to +100ºC (212ºF)


The standard manufactured length is 6m (19.69ft)

Diametre (in mm):


Diametre (in inch):

63/64,1 17/64,38,1 49/64,2 1/64,2 23/64,2 1/2,2 63/64,3 5/32,3 15/64,3 35/64,4 1/64,4 21/64,5 63/64,6 1/2,7 3/32,7 63/64,10,11 31/32

Wall thickness

1,20 mm (+0,1/-0,1 mm)

0.047'' (+0.043/-0.043'')

Technical details

The Wyrem® hose is not pressure tight and should not be used in pressurised applications. In these cases the maximum accepted pressure is 0,35bar (5.076psi).


- Exceptionally robust and durable hose.

- Excellent flexibility.

- Highly resistant to ozone.

- Good vacuum resistance, due to its specially designed structure.

- Smooth cuffs are available on request

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