Vena® HTD

Flexible hose made of two layers of fiber glass and silicone coated with a non-visible steel wire inside the hose wall.
  • Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
  • Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
  • Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
  • Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
  • Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD
    Vena® HTD

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The flexible hose Vena® HTD has excellent flexibility and excellent aging resistance.


Recommended in gas conductions at high temperatures, engine exhaust fume extraction from a point immediately close to the ejection area and as protection of electric cables passing through extremely hot areas.


This product is manufactured with two fiber glass reinforcements with high temperature resistance silicone rubber. There is an inner steel wire inside the hose wall.


It is possible to manufacture the cuffs in inner and outer smooth appearance, a good alternative to get an easier hose installation.


Red inner and outer color with a non-visible inner steel wire spiral.


Operational temperature range from -55ºC (-67ºF) to +260ºC (+500ºF).

It may reach up to 300ºC (+572ºF) during short periods of time.


The product can be manufactured with inner diameters between 25mm (0.98’’) and 300mm (11.81’’).

The standard manufacturing lengths are 4m (13.12ft) and 6m (19.68ft), anyway there are other standard lengths.

Please contact us if you want to receive more information about the available lengths.


- The fiber glass covered with silicone rubber, in compliance to EU Directive 2002/95/ECC of Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS).

- FAR/CS 25.853 Appendix F, Part I (a)(1)(ii) & (iv) “Vertical & Horizontal flammability test” for a special HT/HTD with SIL 7212 silicone

- AIRBUS DIRECTIVE ABD0031 and AITM 2.0007 B “Optical density test”

- AIRBUS DIRECTIVE ABD0031 and AITM 3.0005 “Smoke and toxicity test”


- Excellent flexibility.

- Excellent aging resistance.

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