Venair Products:

List of silicone hoses for the sector

  • Adaptsil®


    The first line of flexible adaptors in silicone designed for the Food, Pharm and Biotech industries.

    These adaptors are FDA approved, made out of USP class VI/platinum cured silicone and meet all the c...

  • Vena® Sil Vacuum

    Vena® Sil Vacuum

    Silicone hose without textile reinforcement available in different colors.

    The hoses Vena® Sil Vacuum are not affected by anti-freeze or anti-rust liquids and it has excellen...

  • Vena® SIL 200 R/A

    Vena® SIL 200 R/A

    Oil-resistant silicone hose

    Vena® SIL 200 R/A is manufactured with three polyester reinforcements. It has excellent flexibility...

  • Silicone Sleeves

    Silicone Sleeves

    Food grade silicone sleeves with or without fabric reinforcement

    Venair's silicone sleeves comply with US FDA, BfR Standard part XV and USP Class VI platinum cured a...

  • Vena® Vitosil

    Vena® Vitosil

    Silicone hoses with an inner liner of white FKM

    Vena® Vitosil is recommended for products that are not compatible with the silicone elastomer.

  • Vena® SL/VS

    Vena® SL/VS

    Hose made with a natural rubber layer

    Vena® SL/VS is indicated to convey abrasives particles and it is black and corrugated at both inner...