Leading manufacturer of silicone hoses for the most demanding sectors, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and aerospace.



Silicone hoses for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. Silicone hoses for aerospace, industrial engines, marine industries, abrasive particles, general ventilation and motorsport.

Pharmaceutical · Biotechnology
Chemical · Food · Cosmetics

Flexible hoses and special shapes made of reinforced or extruded silicone, as well as technical solutions to convey fluids in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries in aseptic and traceability terms.

Aerospace · Industrial Engines · Marine
Abrasive Particles · General Ventilation
Motorsport · Other Silicone Products

Silicone hoses and special shapes with textile reinforcement for all types of motor engines. Flexible solutions to any movement or vibration problem with special designs according to customer needs. Products are tested and certified for the most exigent sectors.