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Tubos de silicona de Single-use para el sector biotecnología.
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Venair Biotech

Venair Biotech is a new division within Venair Group, which has been established in order to respond to the high demand for Single-use systems in the technological, scientific and pharmaceutical sectors.

Venair Biotech offers Single-use products sold as kits consisting of hoses, filters, sensors, valves, etc., depending on the customer’s specific requirements. These systems are to be used once and then disposed of.

The Single-use systems possess several advantages compared to traditional systems, e.g.

  • Reduction of cross-contamination risk
  • No need for validation after cleaning
  • Elimination of cleaning costs
  • Reduction of initial investment costs
  • Reduction of delivery times


The Single-use system consists of various components:


Sensors are essential components for the process control, and are used to monitor variables, for instance pressure, temperature, flow rate, conductivity, pH and glucose levels. A precise control, in real time, of these and other variables is a key factor to obtain products with the required quality levels.


Depth or membrane filters are components for media, buffer, water, gas or main product filtration. They are present at various points within the facilities and are a key element to obtain effluents with low levels of impurities and for the protection of installations against possible obstructions.


Connectors are components designed to union other components to each other, e.g. filter-hose. There are many types at your disposal: Sanitary flange connectors, bag connectors, tube-to-tube connectors, luer connectors, quick connectors/disconnectors, sterile/aseptic connectors and clamps, among others. A broad spectrum of plastic resins can be selected to produce our connectors, each of them with different characteristics to match the need of each specific application.


All together, the hoses represent the transport system. The hoses are made of different material, depending on the process requirements, such as silicone (with or without fabric reinforcement), PTFE, FEP, PFA, FKM or PVC, among others.

Certifications and Regulations

  • Venair’s Single-use systems meet the most demanding regulations and certifications of the biomedical sector.
  • They are assembled in an ISO 7, Class 10,000 clean room in a cGMP facility by cGMP-trained workers. Clean rooms are an ideal place to develop these kind of systems, as they have a low contamination level.
  • For each system, a Validation Package is available.
  • Double-bagged and gamma irradiated systems.
  • The systems are biocompatible, traceable and consist of FDA compliant component materials (USP Class VI).