Vena® Technoprene-s

Gaine fabriquée avec 2 couches de caoutchouc thermoplastique SANTOPRENE plus épaisses avec une spire acier noyée entre elles, ce qui la protège de la corrosion
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    Vena® Technoprene-s

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The hoses Vena® Technoprene-s are very flexible and have a high level of elasticity. They are waterproof and resistant to oil fumes, aliphatic hydrocarbons, methanol and salt water.


- Air filter system in large mobile or stationary internal combustion engines.

- Air conditioning systems for industrial vehicles, trains, and ships.

- As flexible connections in cooling systems for brakes for sport vehicles.

- Extraction by suction of all types of abrasive powders.

- Can be used as cold air ducts in freezing facilities.

- Extraction of fumes in machines which print by gravure printing.

- Transport of a great variety of gases in the chemical industry.


Tubes made of thermoplastic rubber with spring steel wire imbedded in between two overlapping sheets of this material in order to ensure protection against corrosion which may be caused by the air or gas conveyed inside the hose.


Black and corrugated at both inner and outer surfaces.


We manufacture tubes of 10m (32.81ft) long with diameters ranging from 60 (2.36'') up to 450 mm (17.72'').

Wall thickness

0.9mm (0.035'')


- High resistance to ageing and ozonozation.

- High dynamic capacities.

- Possibility of using these hoses in pressure as well as in vacuum.

- Very flexible and high level of elasticity.

- Suitable for conveying a large variety of gases in the chemical industry

- Waterproof and resistant to oil fumes, aliphatic hydrocarbons, methanol and salt water.


Stable mechanical characteristics between -40ºC (-40ºF) and 130ºC (266ºF). For short periods of time, up to 150ºC (302ºF).

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