Vena® SIL FR-V0

Flame retardant silicone hoses especially recommended for use in cooling & heating systems in industrial sector.
  • Vena® SIL FR-V0
    Vena® SIL FR-V0

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Vena® SIL FR-V0 is manufactured with special silicone rubber compound that allows it to remain stable and unmoved when fire is applied, making it suitable for use in cooling and heating systems in any kind of diesel or electric vehicle, engine, electric or electronic device.


This reference is recommended for its use in cooling & heating systems in any kind of diesel or electric vehicle (buses, trucks, trains...). It is also recommended for cooling systems in any kind of engine or any electric and electronic device.

This reference is manufactured with Aramide textile reinforcements. The silicone rubber compound is a special formulation that remains stable and unmoved when fire is applied; it does no drip and not emits fumes.


- Not affected by anti-freeze or antirust liquids.

- Highly resistant to hardening with very good compression characteristics.

- Excellent flexibility during the assembly process.

- Smooth inner and outer appearance, and blue color. Upon request, it can also be supplied in other colors (red, green, black...).

- Excellent resistance to thermal aging and oxidizing agents (oxygen, ozone, UV).

- Operational temperature range from -60°C (-75 F) to +200°C (392 F), it may reach up to 220°C (428 F) during short periods of time.

- The standard manufacturing length is 4 meters long (13.12 ft.), although it is available in shorter lengths if necessary.

- Manufactured with inner diameters ranging between 6mm and 100mm, in straight lengths from 1 to 4 m (13.12 ft), elbows or any required special shape.


Respect the work pressure established values.

Gas oil and oil stains do not damage the tubes, but they should not be used to transport fuel or oil, nor be submerged in these liquids.

This type of tube is not recommended for applications with negative pressure (vacuum).

This product is not recommended for the transport of abrasive particles.

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