iHose by Venair

iHose, the intelligent hose by VENAIR®

Venair, a name known in the market for its experience and quality of their products, take a step forward in ways their customers can interact with their products. Venair presents their new line of intelligent hoses iHose, equipped with a microchip with the latest technology that allows traceability of a hose throughout its lifetime. 

These products have been specially designed to improve the tracking and monitoring of hoses in food processing and pharmaceutical products using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

The microchip is embedded between two layers of silicone, making no contact with any products running through the hoses.

VenaTrace® System

The VenaTrace system allows for the reading of the microchip of the information added to the hose during the manufacturing process.

Each microchip has a unique identifier. This identifier allows obtaining all the information related to the hose during the manufacturing process and implementing: raw materials used, product codes and components, lot number, appropriate certificates, production and sale date, related orders and much more.


  • Cost saving: facilitates product installation and improves the preventive and corrective maintenance process.
  • Time saving: Facilitates validation process during audits.
  • Prevents errors and information loss: allows for total digital access to the information.
  • Allows to keep records of maintenance and cleaning.
  • The RFID system allows a quick and simple reading. Any professional RFID scanner or smartphone with NFC technology is capable of obtaining the information.

Identification by color

iHOSE the intelligent hose by Venair® allows, in addition, quick identification by use of colors. Each microchip can be wrapped with colored silicone, by which the operator can identify by plain sight each hose or the product they are transferring.

Available colors*

  • RED
  • BLUE
    * Other colors available upon request.