Venair patrocina el equipo Monlau

Monlau Competición at 24h Motorcycling Montmeló

Monlau Competition reached a great feat in the 24 hours of motorcycling of Montmeló 2012. The school from Barcelona, who participated in this race as a final project for students in their competitive mechanics course, put two Kawasaki 2X-10R bikes on the track, managed to excel in the beginner category and achieving an impressive sixth in the SST1 category.

The Dorsal 17 motorcycle piloted by Garcia / Rafart / Jansana / Colldemont and after 671 laps on the Montmelo track, succeeded in winning in the ‘Beginner’ category in this legendary endurance race, spending much of the race in the top ten overall categories. Finally, crossing the finish line in 8th place in the SST1 category and thirteenth in the overall rankings.

Moreover, the Dorsal 71 motorcycle piloted by Cristobal / Esteve / Costa / Amado, crossed the finish line in an impressive Sixth place in the SST1 category and ninth overall after 687 laps on the Catalan track.

These bikes were equipped with coolant hose kits specially designed by Venair for the team Monlau Competition. The high July temperatures coupled with the harshness on this endurance test makes engine cooling a very important aspect of the race for the teams. For this reason, Monlau trusted once again in the quality of the Venair products.

From all Venair, we would like to offer our Congratulations to all the members of the 24 hours of Monlau Competition project.