Venair becomes the new sponsor of UPC ecoRacing team

The aim of the project is to build a single-seater car with a 100% electric engine.

Venair Group is going to support the Technological Research Association EcoRacing from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia to develop a competition car with a completely electric motor in order to compete in the Formula Student international competition.

Thanks to this spronsorship, UPC ecoRacing team will be able to count on the advice and technology of Venair for building the parts of the car. More specifically, Venair’s silicone hoses with textile reinforcement are highly recommended for the cooling system of electric engines.

UPC ecoRacing is a technology research association created with engineering students in 2008 and has been participating in international students’ competitions since then. In September 2014, they ranked in the first place in the engineering competition FSAE in Italy. The design of the ecoRZ car was the best in that competition and now, Venair supports the construction of this new car 100% electric.

Venair Group has a strong belief that applying electricity in vehicles is the best way to improve sustainability in the industrial sector. Therefore, all efforts are needed to support research and innovation in this sense.