EMAS Certification


From Venair Group, we keep considering a correct Environmental Management development as one of the main pillars in our business strategy.

From its beginnings, Venair Group has brought in “the control and minimization of the environmental impact of its productive activity” among its first order goals.

The introduction of this objective has always obliged us to pursue not only our customer’s satisfaction but also our environment’s. In this way we have always ensured the active protection of the environment by our production processes and responsible product, starting from the initial design, through its production and use and ending in its subsequent recycling.

For years we have implemented and maintained our ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, certified according to the international standard ISO 14000 since 1999 and adhered to the EMAS regulation since 2000. The goal has always been the same: to reduce the environmental impact of our activity and to make our workers aware of the importance of a good attitude towards the environment.