Single Usa Systems

Venair launches a new business division

The new division, Venair Biotech, focuses on a line of Single-use products for the technological, scientific and pharmaceutical sectors.

Venair is expanding its business by focusing in a new sector. Venair BioTech is going to supply all kind of single use products which are highly demanded in the technological, scientific and pharmaceutical sectors.

Single Use products are sold as kits made out of tubing, filters, sensors, valves, etc. These kits are used just once and then they are disposed of.

Single Use systems or kits accomplish the most demanding regulations and certifications of the biomedical sector and they have to be assembled in a clean room that meets at least Class 7. Clean rooms are specially design to get low contamination levels so they become the ideal place to develop this kind of systems. The main advantages that these new Venair Single Use systems have towards the metallic ones are:descrease of the risc of cross-contamination, no need of validation after cleaning, lower cost for the initial investment and reduction of delivery times.

Through this launch Venair becomes as an innovative company in the global market, adding a new line of products to strengthen its presence in the Food&Pharm sector.