Venair presents Vena® Wyrem

The new Vena® Wyrem flexible hose is suitable for general ventilation sector.

Neoprene hose

Vena® Wyrem is manufactured with a double layer reinforced with cotton fabric and coated with chloroprene (neoprene) and two steel coils. The inner spiral is visible and the second is located between the two layers of material.

The neoprene provides high resistance to chemical attack in acidic and basic solutions. In addition, cotton has better mechanical strength than the fiberglass.

The flexible hose Vena® Wyrem is recommended for the extraction of fumes, suction of particles, dust, gases and ventilation in general.


Strong and durable tubing.
Excellent flexibility.
Highly resistant to ozone.
Good resistance to vacuum, due to the special design.
Corrugated appearance inside and out.
Interior and exterior black.
Operating temperature range from -20 to 100 °
Smooth sleeves available on request
Manufacturing Standard length: 6m

The gas and oil droplets do not damage the product Vena® Wyrem, but the tube should not be used to transport fuel or oil and should never be submerged in these liquids. You should verify the compatibility of the material to be transported with chloroprene (neoprene).