Vena® MF-L

First multishape silicone hose in food quality.
  • Vena® MF-L
    Vena® MF-L
    Vena® MF-L
  • Vena® MF-L
    Vena® MF-L
    Vena® MF-L

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The main advantage of this product is its moldability. The Vena®MF/MF-L hose has the capability to acquire a certain shape and maintain it, even in extreme operating conditions.


It is especially recommended for the transport of liquid or semi-liquid in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It offers an extremely broad field of applications.

These hoses are able to transport liquid or semi-liquid foodstuffs at high temperatures by impulsion or suction, since their design can resist pressure or vacuum.

This hose has the particularity that initially it is manufactured in a straight form but it can be conformed to any form using the hands


- Odorless, tasteless and completely non-toxic.

- Translucent and smooth inner appearance, white and smooth outer appearance.

- It is equipped with 316L stainless steel fittings on each end with a roughness value of less than 0.8 um (or 0.5 um on request)

- The whole hose might be reshaped with the hands excluding the cuffed ends which are marked with vertical lines

- Operational temperature range from -60°C (-75 F) to +180°C (356 F), it may reach up to 200°C (392 F) during short periods of time.

- In some length there is a limitation in the forms that the hose could acquire


- US FDA (Foods and Drugs Administration) Standard 21 CFR 177.2600

- German BfR Standard part XV

- USP Class VI standard (70ºC) Biological Reactivity Tests, In Vivo

- ISO 10993-6, 10993-10, 10993-11

- 1935/2004/EC Regulation and European Council Resolution AP 2004 (5) – silicones and 10/2011/EC (Migration Test)


The product is available in the following diameters:

mm: 16,19, 20, 22, 25,28, 32

inches: 5/8, ¾, 4/5, 7/8, 1, 1 ¼, 1 1/9

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