Telcra® is the new insulating material for silicone hoses in the food industry
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TELCRA® is an innovative and unique material in the market with excellent insulation characteristics. This material possesses low thermal conductivity and low density. For this reason, it can achieve excellent insulation with a low thickness. TELCRA® forms chemical bond with silicone materials.


-The colour is white, but is also available in other colours upon request

-Telcra® has a density of 500 kg/m3

-The thickness of the material is customizable

-Thermal conductivity (W·K-1·m-1): 0.12


-Good thermal insulation: Low thermal conductivity for improved efficiency.

-Anti-condensation: When properly installed in the correct thickness, this product eliminates condensation problems on cold surfaces.

- Ultralight: Lightweight material with a density of 500 kg/m3.

- Easy installation: Super flexible material. Contours easily to complex forms.

- Adhesion to silicone: Telcra® presents a chemical adhesion with silicone materials.

- Environmentally Safe: Odorless, tasteless and completely non-toxic.

- Fireproof: It avoids flame and smoke spread.

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