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TechLab is the R&D department of Venair Group where research is focused in optimizing the qualities
of our silicone hoses.


Ecoracing car

Techlab develops a prototype hose for Formula SAE application in collaboration with UPC ecoRacing

Venair Group sponsors UPC ecoRacing team collaborating in different projects as traineeships and TechLab projects.

Test tubes and pipette

Food and beverage solutions: The silicone of the future

The presence of silicone is starting to be extremely recurrent in the manufacturing processes of the Food and Beverage industry.

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Latests Products

Flame retardant

Vensil FR-V0, flame retardant silicone

Nowadays standards in aerospace, rail and other transport sectors demand certified compounds that are flame retardant and self extinguishable. Safety in infrastructures for passengers is key to develope the upcoming global transport network.

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Vensil® Pharma

The silicone rubber that achieves the certifications for the pharmaceutical industry. Is it a very high quality material that accomplishes with a specific set of certifications which is called Validation Package.

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It is the first conformable silicone hose in the market and it is able to maintain its shape under extreme operating conditions. The new Vena®MF/MF-L is the result of a completely new innovative research. The product has been developed by Venair’s R+D team to meet the most demanding needs of the sector.

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Upcoming Releases


Telcra®, the new insulating material for silicone hoses

The most insulating hose for the food industry


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Assuring 100% traceability of silicone hoses

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