Techlab develops a prototype hose for Formula SAE application in collaboration with UPC ecoRacing

Techlab has developed a prototype hose for Formula SAE application. The project comes from the collaboration with UPC ecoRacing.

This new prototype is easier to bend, it has smaller bend radius and it is more resistant to collapse than its direct competition. In addition, it has been custom designed to meet the extrem requirements that formula racing demands: it reduces the weight in a 29% and increases burst pressure in 24% in comparison with Vena® TECHNOSIL SAE J20R3 Class A hose. To visually identify the state of the refrigerant, this hoses are manufactured in blue and red colours, denoting the inlet and outlet of cold and hot water from the powertrain system elements.

The investigation carried out to develop this new product will broaden Techlab’s know-how in low weight and top perfomance appications.