Vena® SLN

Tube made of elastic cotton layer with Neoprene coated with steel spiral sandwiched between the fabric and rubber.
  • Vena® SLN
    Vena® SLN
    Vena® SLN
  • Vena® SLN
    Vena® SLN
    Vena® SLN
  • Vena® SLN
    Vena® SLN
    Vena® SLN

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Vena® SLN has high flexibility in all diameters, excellent fluency due to its smooth inner walls and high resistance to abrasion due to its special rubber.


Recommended for extracting oil vapors in diesel engines and technical gas extraction in the general industry.

Applicable in air filters in static engines (generators, heaters, coolers, etc.). Frequently used in the chemical, automotive and marine industries.


Tubing manufactured with an inner layer of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) with a wall thickness of 0.8mm (0.03’’) and an outer layer of cotton fabric neoprene coated. It has a steel reinforcement embedded between the hose wall layers.

This product can be manufactured with smooth ends for a perfect seal and easy fastening with metal clips.


Corrugated inner and outer and black.


Operating temperature range of -40ºC (-40ºF) to +125°C (+257°F).

It can reach +135°C (+275°F) for short periods of time.


Available diameters from 25mm (1.00'') to 300mm (11.81'').

Wall thickness

Wall thickness: 2.5mm (+1.5 /-0.07mm) | 0.10’’ (+0.06 /-0.03''), but it can be thicker according to customer requirements.


High resistance to pressure and vacuum due to its special construction.

Technical details

It is important to check if the internal fluid to be conveyed is chemically compatible with the EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer).


- High flexibility in all diameters.

- Excellent fluency due to its smooth inner walls.

- High resistance to abrasion due to its special rubber.

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