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Benefits of custom silicone coolant hoses

Venair's main expertise is the capacity to manufacture and deliver any kind of custom-made product and piece to suit the market requirements. Today we want to share the benefits of manufacturing custom cooling silicone hoses and how our custom services can provide flexible solutions for limited spaces and avoid leaking problems.

Andreu Fernández interview

Developing innovating solutions with silicone

Today we want to share the interview with Andreu Fernández,Venair's Business Development Manager for cluster Mav, about the potential of silicone and its applications in multiple sectors, addressing what are the new trends and innovation capabilities that the company has for the development of our products that meet the technical specifications and needs of customers.

VENA® FUEL CELL designed for the use in Fuel Cells VENA® FUEL CELL designed for the use in Fuel Cells

NEW! Vena® Fuel cells

Venair’s R&D department presents new material, VENA® FUEL CELL, an elastomer composite especially designed for the use in Fuel Cells. This material has been designed to fulfill the main requirements in Fuel Cell applications and contribute to the overall efficiency of these systems.

High pressure resistant USP compensator High pressure resistant USP compensator

NEW! Pharmaloader® HP

Venair launches Pharmaloader® HP, a new and improved usp compensator highly resistant to high pressures. An elastic compensator recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industries for all tank, hopper, pump, and weighing tank outlets that need to withstand high-pressure vibrations and level differences.

Fuel cell hoses Venair Fuel cell hoses Venair

Custom fuel cell hoses

Due to the amount of specific operating conditions of the fuel cells sector, we offer customized silicone hoses to adapt to all the requirements of the sector. Our engineers and R&D department continuously work in developing products with special formulations and constructions to adapt to the specific and higher quality requests of the sector. Discover how in this case, we help and advise a fuel cell bus manufacturer with a completely tailored product according to his particular needs.

Benefits of silicone Benefits of silicone

Benefits of silicone

Silicone has great benefits and advantages over different materials such as rubber. Throughout this reading, we will find a summary where we can get an idea of what a silicone is like structurally, so that we can finally understand why we get such good benefits from it.

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