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Venair is a member of BIOPHORUM Venair is a member of BIOPHORUM

Venair is now a member of Biophorum Operations group

The Biophorum Operations Group is a business-to-business membership organization, BioPhorum consists of nine phorums leading more than 90 industry-changing initiatives with the help of 6,000 active subject matter experts.


Vena®Aseptisil, the antimicrobial hose

Venair starts the year by launching a new product developed entirely in our laboratories. The new Vena®Aseptisil is an antimicrobial tubing designed for the food and beverage industries, 100% antimicrobial tubing that protects from bacteria, mold, and fungi growth.

Tradeshows 2022

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Venair keeps growing

Since 2012, the company has shown exponential growth and has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of fluid transfer solutions. The group's exports now represent 93% of its production and its marketing is carried out in more than 65 countries, mainly in the United States, France, Italy, Germany and China.

Hose audits: How often do you need to check your hoses?

Whether you’ve been working with the same hoses for a long time, or you are not sure about the operability and lifetime of the hoses installed, it’s convenient that you conduct an audit. Regular yearly audits can save you money, improve workplace safety and identify inefficiencies in your operations.

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