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Bioblog: What is an ISO 7 Cleanroom?

Today the company uses three cleanrooms ISO 7 Class C at rest to produce Venair Biotech products: extruded silicone and thermoplastic tubing as well as assembled single-use kits according to our customer needs. The cleanrooms are in Barcelona and Ho Chi Minh.

Vena® Flexip Vena® Flexip

NEW!  Vena® Flexip

Venair launches Vena® Flexip the perfect flexible hose to convey oils and creams and resist CIP cleaning processes. The hose it’s made with silicone however it presents an inner layer made with fluoroelastomers and PTFE particles, which makes it have a good resistance to both acidic and some basic CIP cleaning solutions.

Venair supports UPC EcoRacing compete one more year Venair supports UPC EcoRacing compete one more year

Venair supports UPC EcoRacing compete one more year

This season, Venair will bring an inlet tube to the pump with its Vena® Technosil range, an improvement given the additional reinforcement incorporated. The goal for future cars is to integrate different tubes in the hydraulic circuit, to optimize the weight as well as the manufacturing and assembly to achieve a lighter and more reliable system, able to withstand high mileage of different competitions and exhaustive days of track testing.

USP Class VI USP Class VI

Bioblog: USP Class VI

At Venair, the assays for the compliance and biocompatibility before gamma dose of all our biotech tubing are summarized in our catalog and, more deeply (or in detail) at our Validation Guide. USP CLASS VI is a category that is assigned to plastic or polymeric material intended for use in fabricating containers and accessories, thereto, for use in parenteral preparations, and for use in medical devices, implants, and other systems.

Venair Ballard collaboration Venair fuel cell hoses ballard

CASE STUDY: Venair-Ballard collaboration for marine fuel cell hoses

Ballard Power Systems, the leading global provider of innovative clean energy fuel cell solutions is now playing a key role in helping marine industries address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on the water, and in ports by incorporating fuel cells in marine vessels. Discover the case study to know how we help Ballard in this particular project by providing custom hoses that adapted to their systems to achieve the highest efficency.

How to convey viscous products? How to convey viscous products?

What you need to know for conveying viscous fluids

What you need to know for conveying viscous fluids? Do you work with viscous products like oils, syrups, waxes, chocolates or similar viscous fluids? Then you know that processing viscous liquids comes with a unique set of challenges. Viscosity plays an important challenge to all production stages, especially in the food sector. However, we can provide solutions that can help you improve these challenges for a better performance:

Custom silicone hoses Custom silicone hoses

Benefits of custom silicone coolant hoses

Venair's main expertise is the capacity to manufacture and deliver any kind of custom-made product and piece to suit the market requirements. Today we want to share the benefits of manufacturing custom cooling silicone hoses and how our custom services can provide flexible solutions for limited spaces and avoid leaking problems.

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