UPC ecoRacing triumphs in the first two competitions of the year

For the first time since 2019, and after two tough seasons due to the pandemic, the competitions have been realized on track again. So, the motivation to see the car compete on the track and get good results was very high. UPC ecoRacing has transformed this motivation into successes in European competitions, and these magnificent results boost the team to continue working towards the last competition of the season, Formula Student Spain, where for the first time UPC ecoRacing will compete in the driverless category.

Between July 4th and 8th, the Formula Student Netherlands was held at the legendary TT Circuit Assen, where this year's car, the ecoRD, arrived ready to show its full potential. It was confirmed to be a reliable and competitive car from the first moment, achieving two Top 5 in the Acceleration and Autocross events, in which the acceleration of the vehicle on 75 meters straight and the speed in a single fast lap, respectively, are demonstrated.

In addition, UPC ecoRacing also managed to complete the Endurance event, the most demanding of the competition, where the reliability of the car is tested during the more than 22 km that the circuit consists of. It should also be noted that the Terrassa-based team was the only one in the electrical category that completed the HV Accumulator scrutineering in the first attempt, in less than 90 minutes, a fact that reaffirms the good work done throughout the year.

And right after the good results from the Netherlands, the Formula Student Switzerland started. In this, all the attention was focused on the three static events: the Design Event, the Cost Event and the Business Plan, in which it is valued the car design process, the management of economic resources and the ability to create and present, in front of the judges, a business model where the car is the main element.

The good dynamic in the Formula Student Netherlands was also reflected in the Swiss competition, managing to reach the podium in all three events, with a first position in the Cost Event, a second in the Business Plan and a third in the Design Event, three trophies representing a victory in the overall standings of the Formula Student Switzerland.

Thus, the great results obtained in the first two competitions of the season are a reflection of the great work done throughout the year and encourage the team to continue working in the optimal direction in order to improve the great performance that the ecoRD has shown. In addition, the podiums in the static tests reaffirm the good management of the entire team in terms of accounting, design, and project management.

The last competition of this season will be held at the Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya with the Formula Student Spain from August 4th  to 8th, where the ecoRD will adapt to autonomous mode to participate in the driverless vehicle category for the first time in the history of UPC ecoRacing.