Venair is now a member of Biophorum Operations group

Represented by its Biotech Division, VENAIR is from March 2022 a member of BPOG’s Supply Partner Phorum.

Venair is a member of BIOPHORUM

The Biophorum Operations Group is a business-to-business membership organization, BioPhorum consists of nine phorums leading more than 90 industry-changing initiatives with the help of 6,000 active subject matter experts.

Established in 2008, it brings leaders and subject matter experts together to collaborate on challenges in existing and emerging topics that affect the whole industry including change notification, cybersecurity, extractables and leachables, forecast and demand planning, knowledge management, single-use systems, and sterile filtration. Visit for more information.

We are delighted to be joining the collaboration between biomanufacturers and suppliers on much needed developments and solutions such as Alternatives to Gamma Sterilization,Risk and Business Continuity Management,Joint Audit Program and, through the Single-Use Joint Leadership Team, the Disposables –Lead Times,Supplier Reliability and Design Harmonization.