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CASE STUDY: Adaptsil provides the solution for a major pharmaceutical group

In this case study, you will discover that this long-time customer was interested in our adapts capabilities. They have faced problems with leaks due to the heat variation that dilated inox (cold liquids + hot CIP) and the solution was costly because the company often had to go back to the welder to readjust the piece. The solution that they had was an Inox piece that was difficult to mount and heavy for operators.

Case study: abrasion resistant hose for pizza manufacturer Case study: abrasion resistant hose for pizza manufacturer

CASE STUDY: Vena® Abrasil provides a solution for a major pizza manufacturer

A renowned Spanish manufacturer of pizzas needed flexible resistant hoses that could resist the higher propulsion and the abrasion of its dispensing cheese lines. The company used flexible hoses to convey cheese to the pizzas. The hoses were in constant friction and needed to be enough flexible and resistant to abrasion to guarantee the maximization of the operability without a constant replacement.

Flexible silicone hoses for fuel cells tanks Flexible silicone hoses for fuel cells tanks

How to connect and design a flexible hose for load cells tanks?

When designing and installing flexible hoses on load cells tanks there are some essential rules that need to be followed to guarantee longevity of the hoses and reducing errors on the measuring accuracy of the weighing device. Tanks usually require highly flexible connections for supply and discharge or for the supply of additional units mounted on the tank.

Sanitary hoses for cosmetic applications Sanitary hoses for cosmetic applications

Sanitary hoses for the cosmetic industry

Cosmetic industry is experiencing a significant growth and fundamental changes. In this increasingly competitive time, cosmetic manufacturers are presenting a set of accelerating challenges to remain effective and ensure maximum efficiency, sustainability, and quality. For this reasons, Venair has incorporated a new range of sanitary hoses that have been developed to meet the most recent demands of the cosmetic and personal care industries. Qualitative and certified hoses that comply with the industry requirements and certifications. Discover more in the following paper:

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