Case study: Custom hoses for submarines

Venair continuously develops custom made solutions for most of our clients. Designing and manufacturing special solutions is something we do every day, and every project unique. In this case we bring you an interesting project where Venair had to adapt to the demanding requirements of a public company dedicated to civil and military ships and submarines, who ask us for custom-made hoses for the cooling systems in a new submarine model.

Custom hoses for submarines

The requirements

The client is a specialist submarine defense manufacturer and marine service, provider. Venair had to proceed in a continuous comprehensive consulting process to understand and adapt to the client’s requirements.

Each submarine required containing 200 custom pieces, and in each pump, it contained a different piece.

The project consulting, designing, and testing of each piece took one year to be held and put in practice as each solution needed to be tested in the special lab to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of weathering resistance, pressure, fire, fumes…

Fire and fumes venair

Fire and fumes tests

Especially, during the consulting and testing was specially made for fire and fumes. Testing the fire resistance of the hoses in different tests to assure high marine performance.

Once all the tests where accomplished, the engineering team could be able to design special pieces to adapt to the different cooling and ventilation systems of the submarine.

Engineering advice and support

Venair’s technical team designed and built the custom solutions adapting to the needs of the different systems of the new submarine model.

Each piece was built with silicone VMQ with several silicone and fiberglass reinforcements. Some of them, also need to present a cover to help withstand high temperatures.

Marine hoses submarines

Long term durability

After two years of contributing in the development of pieces for the creation of the new model, the submarine was ready to sail to evaluate the durability of the pieces. After several months, the company could assure that the products presented a high quality and durability, that could withstand the constant pressures and weathering conditions

The client has shown a strong reliability with years with our high-quality products and has invested in us for the continuous development of custom pieces that meet his new requirements and needs.

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