CASE STUDY: Vena® Sil 200 FR-HL offer a solution to a leading manufacturer of battery systems

Once again, Venair has found the ideal solution for a customer, this time a battery system manufacturer. In the following article, you can find out more.

Sector and customer

Leading manufacturer of battery systems for public, industrial, and commercial transport.


A renowned Polish manufacturer of battery systems for railway, buses, and commercial trucks required to know more about our products certified for the railway industry that present EN 45545-2 certification. The manufacturer needed hoses that help transfer water and glycol in cooling systems.

Challenges faced

The manufacturer required our customization solutions to present hoses with special shapes connected to the batteries to help the optimization of the overall performance that guarantees the maximum efficiency.

Operating conditions

They needed a solution for their battery cooling systems to transfer water and glycol.

Solutions implemented

Venair engineers recommended the customer use Vena® Sil 200 FR-HL for the battery systems. The product has been produced with a special shape that adapts perfectly to the system. Additionally, the hose is produced with flame retardant silicone classified through HL2 R22 & R23 EN-45545-2. The hoses are especially suitable for cooling systems and for the railway industry.

Benefits and ROI

The renowned manufacturer experienced a notable change since the installation, the hoses have maximized their useful life and the impact on the reduction of the costs is considerable.

The company maintains a good partnering relationship with Venair and we’re working together for new future projects.


Investing in high-quality hoses that adapt perfectly to your fluid and machinery needs it’s crucial for maximizing hose life and optimizing operability.