High performance railway hoses

The railway industry needs to make rail travel as safe, efficient, and comfortable as possible. For this reason, railway manufacturers and engineers must find ways to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and enhance safety and security to drive profitability and make the industry reliable and sustainable.

Venair understands this need and has been developing solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. Helping our costumers build better and safer trains is our priority. With technical expertise and maintenance advice capabilities, Venair engineering solutions can help you provide the maximum reliability in your infrastructures.

Discover our railway solutions and how in this project we help an important railway manufacturer increase his efficiency:

Venair Railway hoses

Hybrid locomotive manufacturer

The client Is important hybrid locomotive manufacture who needed a special solution that ensures the maximum safety and quality for conducting water and glycol in the cooling systems of the locomotive. The manufacturer specifies that it needed a highly flexible and weathering reliable long-life solution.

Providing a solution

To meet the requirements of the manufacturer, Venair advisors recommended Vena sil 700V FR-HL, a high-performance railway hose resistant to weathering and extremely robust and flexible.

Vena sil 700V FR-HL presents the best mechanical performance under most stressful conditions of pressure, temperature, movements, weathering… The railway hose is crimped with metal gas connections that eliminate the risk of leaks and ensure the right pressure resistance.

Ensuring safety

Vena sil 700V FR-HL presents good behavior against fire, guarantees low fumes emissions, and low fumes toxicity. This specific railway hose has been tested and classified as HL2 R22&R23 according to the railway regulation EN-45545-2.

After sending the product, our technical team checked the hoses and give assistance during installation for ensuring a safe usage.

Maintenance and long-term profitability

After several months, the client assured that maintenance cost had been reduced due to the long lifetime and reliability of the product. Also, the installation was reduced due to the flexibility of the product and the type of connections, which allow a fast and secure coupling.

With this solution, the manufacturer has ensured the maximum safety and efficiency of the system as apart of the railway fire and fumes tests, all the aspects related to the application were fully considered and product expectations overpassed the requirements.

Railway hoses