Tubing and hoses for pharmaceutical applications

Mainly, Venair provides platinum cured silicone tubing and hoses because of its broad properties. Silicone elasticity, compressibility and resistance allow us to provide a long-term quality and cost-saving product assuring a higher effectiveness and reduction on machines downtime and maintenance costs. We also have a wide range of fittings according to each need and we crimp them in-house to assure that our products are free of bacteria. In this post we show you the main applications where you can use our flexible tubing and hoses:

Pharmaceutical tubing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

Our pharmaceutical range offers solutions to any process regarding pharmaceutical manufacturing:

Injectables formulation

For injectable processes, Vena®Bio pure or Vena®Bio pure Braided are the perfect solutions; flexible tubing made with high purity Silicone USP VI produced in clean areas assure a clean fluid transfer. 

Tablet formulation

During granulation or coating processes for tablet production, Vena® Technipur is the most suitable product as it presents higher resistance to abrasion and excellent flexible properties.

Syrup formulation

For thick fluid transfer the most suitable hose is VenaFlon®HF; a resistant and flexible hose able to convey aggressive fluids made with an inner PFA layer.

Ointment formulation

For ointments, Vena® Sil 650V ; a high flexible hose made with USP VI silicone, perfect to work under stressful conditions, high pressures, and temperatures works perfectly.

Decoupling of tanks on load cells

Another common application for our pharmaceutical hoses is in the decoupling of tanks on load cells. During this process it’s crucial to use the best flexible solution, in our case our Pharmaloader® range; aseptic and flexible compensators made with smooth pharma grade silicone with a high resistance to movement and pressure for a long period of time.

Usp compensator

Ultrapure water (UPW) & WFI systems

Our silicone hoses can be used for ultrapure water production. Vena®Technosil, Vena® Technosil DB or Vena® Sil 650V offer the perfect balance between strength and lightness for transporting ultrapure water or water for injection (WFI) in any pharmaceutical process.

CIP/SIP Systems

Our silicone tubing and hoses can be used for transporting the common chemical compounds used in the pharmaceutical CIP and SIP processes. Specially, Vena® Sil 650V and Vena® Sil 655 are the most common for its high movement and pressure resistance.

Flexible silicone hoses