Venair supports UPC EcoRacing compete one more year

The company, expert in high-performance silicone, provides its expertise in tubes for the cooling of UPC ecoRacing's 190hp autonomous single-seater racing car.

Venair, international reference in silicone products:

Venair is known in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, aerospace, automotive and renewable energy, given its worldwide presence in the manufacture of silicone parts with its three product ranges. Biotech, Foodpharma, and Industrial.

An important factor that characterizes the Venair group is the change from a model of product revision to one of innovation. The dedication of the R&D department is a constant source of new products and materials such as the new Vena® Fuel Cell, a compound designed for use in fuel cells that, with the help of its consultants and engineers, allows customized solutions to be implemented.

Venair's dedication to social projects to the support of medical research, compliance with environmental certifications such as ISO 14001:2015 and EMAS, and investment in young talent.

UPC ecoRacing, more than 10 years of history, and 33 trophies:

This is where the UPC ecoRacing university team comes in, a group of students from the school of aerospace industrial engineering, Audiovisual of Terrassa, who since 2008 has been participating in Formula Student, a competition for university students from all over the world where more than 1000 teams in total from about 20 different countries participate. This competition seeks engineering excellence with the design, manufacture, development, and competition of the best single-seater.

coolant silicone hose

 The challenges of Motorsport to the limit:

The vehicle developed by the student team has a maximum power of 190hp provided by 4 in-wheel motors offering the all-wheel-drive to the vehicle. The competitions are held at high temperatures in summer, and the cooling system must keep the engines cool for the endurance test, 22km non-stop, where the fastest wins.

The single-seater is fully engineered by the team with a one-and-a-half stage planetary transmission that transforms the 20,000rpm engine into 0-100km/h acceleration in just 2.4s. In addition, the Torque Vectoring implemented by the team is capable of controlling a wheel independently of always offering the best grip and cornering.

Help is on the way:

This season, Venair will bring an inlet tube to the pump with its Vena® Technosil range, an improvement given the additional reinforcement incorporated. This transparent tube will not only allow us to see the water level on the circuit, and make it possible to eliminate all the reinforcements to avoid punctures.  The goal for future cars is to integrate different tubes in the hydraulic circuit, to optimize the weight as well as the manufacturing and assembly to achieve a lighter and more reliable system, able to withstand high mileage of different competitions and exhaustive days of track testing.