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Hose audits: How often do you need to check your hoses?

Whether you’ve been working with the same hoses for a long time, or you are not sure about the operability and lifetime of the hoses installed, it’s convenient that you conduct an audit. Regular yearly audits can save you money, improve workplace safety and identify inefficiencies in your operations.

How to measure the bending radius of a hose? How to measure the bending radius of a hose?

How to measure the bending radius of a hose?

The minimum bending radius of a hose and the required amount of force needed to bend a hose are crucial factors in hose selection and design, especially if it will be subject to curves, strong movements, and constant stress.

3-A santiary hose assemblies 3-A santiary hose assemblies

3-A sanitary hose assemblies

In Venair we offer all our sanitary silicone hoses crimped with stainless steel connections through a SZR system, a pressing system that guarantees the correct pressure resistance of the final assembly, avoiding the retention area following the accreditation of the 3A sanitary standard 62-02. In this article we want to explain you the importance of crimping hoses according to 3A sanitary standards to ensure maximum quality:

USP Class VI USP Class VI

Bioblog: USP Class VI

At Venair, the assays for the compliance and biocompatibility before gamma dose of all our biotech tubing are summarized in our catalog and, more deeply (or in detail) at our Validation Guide. USP CLASS VI is a category that is assigned to plastic or polymeric material intended for use in fabricating containers and accessories, thereto, for use in parenteral preparations, and for use in medical devices, implants, and other systems.

Custom silicone hoses Custom silicone hoses

Benefits of custom silicone coolant hoses

Venair's main expertise is the capacity to manufacture and deliver any kind of custom-made product and piece to suit the market requirements. Today we want to share the benefits of manufacturing custom cooling silicone hoses and how our custom services can provide flexible solutions for limited spaces and avoid leaking problems.

Venair fittings Fittings


Venair offers in all its products connection systems and security in the finishes of the hoses.

Hose labels Hose labels

Hose labels

We know how important it’s to keep your hoses well labelled so that you can comply with all regulations and perform effective manitenance and replacement work.

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