Benefits of custom silicone coolant hoses

Venair's main expertise is the capacity to manufacture and deliver any kind of custom-made product and piece to suit the market requirements. Today we want to share the benefits of manufacturing custom cooling silicone hoses and how our custom services can provide flexible solutions for limited spaces and avoid leaking problems.

Benefits of custom coolant hoses

  • Build to print 3D CAD modeling capabilities maximize interior space efficiency by streamlining coolant transfer lines thus also enhancing aesthetics.
  • Custom molding orients hose to create zero side force shear stress thus preventing the failure mode of standard crimped hoses.
  • Individually designed sections optimize fluid flow dynamics, reduces resistance, and increases hose life.
  • Custom molded pieces replace multiple flexible and hard sections with a single hose providing increased reliability at a lower cost.
  • Increases reliability by decreasing the number of possible leak points by reducing the number of sections required to complete the flow path.
  • Silicone hose absorbs/dampens vibration-reducing failure from metal fatigue.
Custom coolant hoses

Custom hoses for limited space

Our custom hoses allow us to avoid problems of limited space, we contribute to developing special shapes with different geometries to meet the client's requirement and to e ensure maximum efficiency.

Venair takes part in customization services in the following areas:

Custom geometry

We focus on providing flexible solutions that avoid the following common problems: bending radius limitations, collapse, and long mounting and maintaining procedures.


We advise and provide custom-made hoses build with the materials that guarantee the highest compatibility and temperature resistance in the application required.

Engineering hoses


We produce hoses with a wide variety of constructions, with different characteristics and mechanical properties.

Venair focuses on providing custom constructions according to the specifications and drawings of our clients. Our main expertise is to provide flexible solutions with the most optimal elastomers and reinforcements for maximum efficiency and a longer lifetime. We provide custom engineered ducting produced with layers of fiberglass coated with silicone or neoprene with steel wire spiral inside the hose. Light-weight construction in combination with high mechanical strength, flexibility, and temperature resistance.

Custom fittings

Finally, we offer custom-made fittings that reduce the mantle and dismantle time and guarantee a pressure service.


We can provide also, special aluminum-coated fiberglass designed to protect a specific area or the whole silicone hose where high temperatures are present. This solution is used mainly to reflect the heat radiation when the hose is very near to the heat focus, which grants a longer life to the product.

Custom engineered hose-fitting combination

Fasteners that loosen due to vibration are a challenge in well-supported engine blocks. To keep engine blocks sealed and prevent leaks we offer different types of hose/fitting combinations, which help to withstand extreme heat and vibration while reducing cost, assembly and warranty issues.

Custom silicone hoses

Engineering support and advice

With technical expertise and maintenance advice capabilities, Venair engineering solutions can help you provide the maximum reliability in your infrastructures. our engineers are focus on energy efficiency and safety, providing a whole range of custom solutions under your demand.

From the first meeting, we take all your requirements and start developing together a custom solution to solve all the possible issues you may have. Our technical, quality, and R&D department work continuously to ensure and create new custom solutions with improved mechanical properties.

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