Hose labels

In Venair we know how important it’s to keep your hoses well labelled so that you can comply with all regulations and perform effective manitenance and replacement work. You need hose labels that can display data such as date of manufacture, lot number, certificates, maximum pressure… while keeping that information safe from heat, moisture and other harsh environments.

Why it’s important to choose a high quality identification label?

Having your hoses well labelled is something important to keep in mind because it can avoid you many problems in the future.

  • Regualtory breaches: It helps you keep your data safe and reduce the chances of reciving fines during inspections because you have lost information about a certain product.
  • Uncertain situations: not protecting your labels can create uncertainty and waste, spending hours of work checking for replacements or causes for faulty hoses because you’re missing information.

Venair offers different hose labelling solutions in order to trace all the necessary information about a product. It’s completely customizable and you can combine and use any kind of traceability solution that we provide:

QR marking

The QR hose label can be marked in any FDA silicone hose without distorting any characteristic of the hose. This hose label assures 100% traceability allowing to have a more efficent system for product data reading. It’s an alternative to the chip system, the most commonly used in the market, however, it presents much more advantages:

  • It is marked in the silicone with a laser which makes it indelible
  • It doesn’t need any additional software
  • Can be read with all kind of mobile device which has downloaded an app to read codes, which are completely free
  • Can provide unlimited amounts of information about the product allowing you to customize the data content
QR code

Silicone color labels

Venair also offers the possibility to include silicone labels over any hose in order to mark specific information that you require.

Labels offer clear identification, cleanliness and permanence in the silicone hose. The label is not in contact with the inner liquid and it’s made of permanent vulcanized silicone, certified free of animal-derived ingredients. Additionally, handles CIP and SIP processes and it’s autoclavable.

Silicone labels can be customized with more than 15 colors in order to meet your specific needs such as part number, manufacturing date, replacement date, or any specific information that you consider to be important.