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Vena®Abrasil-Abrasion resistant hose Vena®Abrasil-Abrasion resistant hose

NEW! Vena®Abrasil

Transporting abrasive particles, it's not a problem anymore! Venair Launches Vena® Abrasil, our latest innovation designed especially for abrasive applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

Venair Techlab Venair Techlab

Custom constructions

Our Engineering departments work continuously in the development of custom constructions that allow the improvement of production performances and reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs.

Custom made silicone formulations Custom made silicone formulations

Custom made silicone formulations

A custom-made formulation of the silicone offers tailored products to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food industry, among others, with unprecedented benefits which have not been seen on the market so far.

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