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Innovative SME

The Innovative SME Seal is a recognition that the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) awards to companies that meet a series of requirements and therefore have an innovative character, to establish a public policy that helps their growth and sustainability.

New! Vena® Flexpure

Vena® Flexpure is the most recent incorporation to the food and pharma range. Venair launches a PTFE hose highly resistant and flexible for conveying agressive chemicals by impulsion or suction in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Vena® Flexip Vena® Flexip

NEW!  Vena® Flexip

Venair launches Vena® Flexip the perfect flexible hose to convey oils and creams and resist CIP cleaning processes. The hose it’s made with silicone however it presents an inner layer made with fluoroelastomers and PTFE particles, which makes it have a good resistance to both acidic and some basic CIP cleaning solutions.

How to convey viscous products? How to convey viscous products?

What you need to know for conveying viscous fluids

What you need to know for conveying viscous fluids? Do you work with viscous products like oils, syrups, waxes, chocolates or similar viscous fluids? Then you know that processing viscous liquids comes with a unique set of challenges. Viscosity plays an important challenge to all production stages, especially in the food sector. However, we can provide solutions that can help you improve these challenges for a better performance:

VENA® FUEL CELL designed for the use in Fuel Cells VENA® FUEL CELL designed for the use in Fuel Cells

NEW! Vena® Fuel cells

Venair’s R&D department presents new material, VENA® FUEL CELL, an elastomer composite especially designed for the use in Fuel Cells. This material has been designed to fulfill the main requirements in Fuel Cell applications and contribute to the overall efficiency of these systems.

High pressure resistant USP compensator High pressure resistant USP compensator

NEW! Pharmaloader® HP

Venair launches Pharmaloader® HP, a new and improved usp compensator highly resistant to high pressures. An elastic compensator recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industries for all tank, hopper, pump, and weighing tank outlets that need to withstand high-pressure vibrations and level differences.

Benefits of silicone Benefits of silicone

Benefits of silicone

Silicone has great benefits and advantages over different materials such as rubber. Throughout this reading, we will find a summary where we can get an idea of what a silicone is like structurally, so that we can finally understand why we get such good benefits from it.

Vena®Abrasil-Abrasion resistant hose Vena®Abrasil-Abrasion resistant hose

NEW! Vena®Abrasil

Transporting abrasive particles, it's not a problem anymore! Venair Launches Vena® Abrasil, our latest innovation designed especially for abrasive applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

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