Hose cleaning and sterilization

When talking about food and beverage hoses, we are talking about performance, quality, hygiene, cleanliness, and safety warranty. These are concepts that must be ingrained in this kind of product and are achieved thanks to cleaning processes that they can withstand.

Why is important the cleaning process?

During hose selection, it is vitally important to consider the cleaning and sterilization process since this can affect the mechanical properties and the behavior of the materials used. It can also determine the useful life of the hose due to the aging effect.

Sterilization and cleaning are important and necessary processes that eliminate contamination due to transport, storage, handling, or usage. So, it is highly recommended doing it prior to each use to prevent microorganisms’ growth or harmful contamination that can damage the product inside the tube.

What are the most common cleaning methods?

Sterilization and cleaning can be made following two main different methods: with chemical solutions (Clean In-Place/ CIP) or using steam at high temperature (Sterilization in-place/ SIP).

In the CIP process the following media are used in different concentrations:

  • Basic solutions (such as caustic soda) used to remove fat and protein part
  • Acid solutions (for example phosphoric acid) to eliminate mineral deposits
  • Oxidizing acids or other oxidizing products (nitric acid, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide) to remove bacterial load

SIP cleaning is used also to remove bacterial growth.

Hose sterilization and cleaning

How to select the best hose for your cleaning process?

As commented previously, the cleaning process used can determine the useful life or the behavior of the hose material due to mechanical and chemical stress that occurs during the sanitizing procedure. Therefore, there are some aspects that need to be in consideration when choosing one process or another (such as temperature, concentration, time…). Also is important to monitor the physical conditions of the hoses after every period of sterilization. 

Hose cleaning and sterilization chart

The following table shows the sterilization processes and the general conditions for each one for the main materials used in Venair´s food & pharma tube range. It is based on tests and generally available sources, and it should be used only as a guide since it does not take into consideration other variables that may affect the hose. 

Download the food and pharma catalogue for more information.