Innovative SME

The Innovative SME Seal is a recognition that the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) awards to companies that meet a series of requirements and therefore have an innovative character, to establish a public policy that helps their growth and sustainability.

This seal reflects Venair’s firm commitment to invest in research, technological #development, and #innovation, to constantly develop new products and improve hose allowing the company to offer a higher quality service.

Our constant R&D effort to meet these self-defining features makes us focus on INNOVATION as the key to success. That is why we strongly bet for research and experimentation, working daily to be placed on the cutting-edge of creativity, inventiveness, and entrepreneurship.

We strongly believe that, through all these values, we are trained to offer SOLUTIONS to the market requirements, and we can give away the inspiration needed to solve our client’s needs thanks to the hard work done in engineering and technology.

Discover our main pillars of focus to achieve the innovative SME seal.

Continuous growth in R&D investment

Total investment in R&D, which includes projects, machinery, and personnel, has been growing significantly over the last five years. Increasing has allowed us to equip and condition the laboratory to include new technical advances and to produce special high-performance silicones for the most demanding sectors of the market.

Overall, between 4% and 5% of global turnover has been invested in R&D and marketing projects over the last 5 years and is expected to exceed 7% in the coming years. The main sectors of focus are biopharmaceutical, fuel cells, industrial and cosmetic. The funds allocated to the Biotech excellence expansion project are particularly noteworthy.

Focus on developing Silicone formulations

At Venair, we are continuously working on silicone formulations adapted to the customer’s different demands. A custom-made formulation of the silicone offers tailored products to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food industry, among others, with unprecedented benefits which have not been seen on the market so far.

In the manufacturing industry of silicone hoses and tubes, there are enormous advantages regarding these new materials compared to regular silicone rubber. For instance, improved performance such as heat resistance, chemical compatibility, flexibility, durability and better adaptation to the requirements of a particular industrial process is achieved. What is more, the consistency in the formulation of raw materials is ensured, resulting in stable and durable products.

Solving customer problems and needs

We mainly work in the development of products that can give specific answers to the problems of our customers. Examples of such are solutions that  increase the useful life of products, installations which avoid condensation problems or tailored products which possess specific certificates. Our mission is to detect needs that currently have no solutions in the market and work hard to provide a quality answer to them. In this sense, we are one of the few manufacturers who continue to innovate with silicone.

From silicone rubber variants or bars with other materials, we have developed products with Telcra®, an insulating and anti-condensation material for silicone bars that avoids the listing or condensation drops when there is a difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the tube. Another material that should be highlighted, developed by the innovation department, is Abrasil, which is an innovative material with great resistance to abrasion.

Partnering with experts to develop new technologies

The automotive and transportation is changing and investing in new technologies, for this reason, Venair is partnering with fuel cell technology leaders to innovate together in providing the most innovative solutions and excellent designs to exceed the requirements of this new industry.

We are migrating the research and investment from traditional mobility to new trends. You can discover our latest projects where we have been involved in creating the optimal design for fuel cell ships and trains.

Venair has collaboration agreements with various institutions and universities.

Recent collaborations:

SILICONE RUBBER SCRAP RECYCLING: With LEITAT Technological Center, VENAIR has collaborated on developing a process recycling and reusing scrap from hose production. As a result, up to 20% of recycled silicone rubber is used in some of the formulations, contributing to a more sustainable future.

ANTIMICROBIAL URINARY CATETHER: Venair has collaborated on the development of the PURICAT project in consortium with BIOMODICS, ONYRIQ and ODENSE Hospital from Denmark consisting of a silicone urinary catheter with an antimicrobial coating on its surface that enables avoiding infections caused by long-term catheterization obtaining promising results with in-vitro and in-vivo testing.

IQS: 2 Industrial PhDs:

- Development of new platinum catalysts for the vulcanization of silicones

- Development of novel dielectric silicones and their application in pressure sensors