Venair suports the UPC Ecoracing team

UPC ecoRacing is a technological research association formed by engineering students from Terrassa’s School of Industrial, Aerospace, and Audiovisual Engineering with the main objective of developing new technologies in the world of sustainable automation. The team aims to create a car to compete.

Team History

The team was born in 2008 and two years later, they designed and manufactured a car to compete in Spain.

During the following years the team continued to grow, deepening the study of the single-seater and evolving the concept that allowed to obtain numerous trophies.

In 2013, with the entry of new members in the team changed the car to make it 100% electric.

In 2015, the team counted on the collaboration of Venair as one of the mains sponsors of the Project (Seat, Kostal, Hikoki…). Venair provided technical support by providing hoses for the car’s cooling system, which were custom-made and of high quality, increasing the perfomance and competitiveness of the car.

The achievement of the objectives during the whole season showed two aspects to highlight, the growth of the team and the importance of Venair’s support.

Venair suports the UPC Ecoracing team in developing ecoRX 2019

The ecoRX 2019

This last season the team managed to bring to the race course the most technologically advanced vehicle of UPC ecoRacing until today, the ecoRX 2019. With it, the team has competed in four of the most important and demanding international competitions in the current world of Formula Student. Holland, Hungary, Germany and Spain have been the places where the car has been put to race. Being the first Spanish car running in 4 competitions in one year. The results speaks for themselves.

Discover the importance of Venair company that has made possible not only the construction of the 100% electric car during 5 seasons, also contributing directly in the training of the engineers of the future.

We believe in opportunities.

Venair suport UpcEcoracing Team to compete in Formula Student