The first food and pharmaceutical quality completely smooth silicone compensator.


It is an elastic compensator recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

This product is a standard element fitted with molded clamp seals on the ends of the compensator.

Pharmaloader® is the ideal solution for all tank, hopper, pump and weighing tank outlets to compensate vibrations and level differences.


  • Odorless, tasteless and completely non-toxic.
  • Excellent resistance to thermal aging and oxidizing agents (oxygen, ozone, UV).
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Technical Details

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High level of transparency.


-50°C (-58 F) to +180°C (356 F).


This reference is manufactured with polyester fabric reinforcements and stainless steel counter-flange.



  • Complete Validation Package.


LasticCan be made by a special high elastic silicone in order to improve the flexibility of the products.
QR markingThe QR code assures 100% traceability of the hose.
AssembliesCan be equipped with crimped fittings with the best technology to ensure the safest and smoothest transition connections. (SZR Systems – Non- retention area).
Molded clampsCan be customized by molded clamps in order to reduce installation time (no gaskets), improve cleanliness (no retention zone) and maintain the benefits of the silicone.
XCan be covered by a black conductive silicone ply in order to reduce the electrical surface resistivity.
ACCan be customized with a copper wire spiral in order to help the discharge of static electricity.

Technical Details

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