Silicone Sleeves

Food grade silicone sleeves with or without fabric reinforcement.


It is specially recommended for the transport of liquid or semi-liquid fluids in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Any of the Venair silicone sleeves offer a chemical protection between outer and inner plies and thanks to its translucent colour, you can easily see the inner fluid flow.

This product is able to compensate small vibrations and level differences. You can avoid fluid contamination by using a Venair silicone sleeve, e.g. to protect juices from any contact with metallic parts.


  • Odorless, tasteless and completely non-toxic.
  • The maximum manufacturing length is 4m (13.12 ft) but in specific diameters there can be manufactured a length of 6m (19.69 ft).
  • It is possible to manufacture many different forms from 6mm to 300mm (0.24 inches to 11.81 inches).
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Technical Details

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Translucent and smooth inner and outer appearance.


-60°C (-76 F) to +200°C (392 F)


This reference is manufactured with a layer of silicone, if the product has to resist some pressure it is possible to develop a special construction with fabric reinforcement to resist the estimated pressure, in this case the recommended maximum working pressure has to be reduced in 20°C (36 F).



  • Complete Validation Package.


XCan be covered by a black conductive silicone ply in order to reduce the electrical surface resistivity.
ACCan be customized with a copper wire spiral in order to help the discharge of static electricity.
QR markingThe QR code assures 100% traceability of the hose.

Technical Details

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