Rubber hoses manufactured with food grade butyl with textile reinforcements inside the hose wall.


It is especially recommended for the transport of liquid or semi-liquid food products, even at high temperatures (milk, chocolate, mineral water, beer, alcoholic drinks, fruit juice, oil, cosmetic cream etc…)

It is recommended especially when a smaller bending radius is required. These hoses are able to transport liquid or semi-liquid foodstuffs at high temperatures by impulsion or suction, since their design can resist pressure or vacuum.


  • Odorless, tasteless and completely non-toxic.
  • Can be equipped with 316L stainless steel fittings on each end with a roughness value of less than 0.8 µm (or 0.5 µm on request). 
  • Available at a maximum length of 40m (131.23 ft) 
  • The vacuum resistance for this hose is 0.9 Bar (13.05 psi) up to diameter 63 (2 ½ inch) and 0.8 Bar (11.6 psi) from 63 (2 ½ inch) to 102mm (4 inch).
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Technical Details

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White color and smooth inner appearance, purple colored and smooth outer appearance.


-20°C (4 F) to +100°C (212 F)


This product is manufactured with inner Butyl food grade and EPDM cover, it is equipped with two textile reinforcements inside the wall of the tube, a double steel spring wire and copper braiding which prevent users from discharges of static electricity.



  • US FDA (Foods and Drugs Administration) Standard 21 CFR 177.2600.
  • 1935/2004/EC Regulation and European Council Resolution AP 2004 (5) – silicones and 10/2011/ EC (Migration Test).
  • German BfR Standard part XXI Cat 2.
  • 3A Sanitary Standard 18-03 Class III.


AssembliesCan be equipped with crimped fittings with the best technology to ensure the safest and smoothest transition connections. (SZR Systems – Non- retention area).

Technical Details

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